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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
First Quarter 2006

 UKC IABCA Ch. Renegade's Riker CDCA HC


Victor and Wendy Sanchez


Velikaya's Dahav


Ch. Hadar Ha'Aretz Tates Neshamele CDCA HC


Renee Kent

Birth Date:

22 August 2001


Jasmine is our first Canaan Dog, and the reason we fell in love with the breed.  She is the Queen of our household and the only dog to sleep on our bed.

Jasmine has what I consider to be the perfect Canaan Dog temperament: she is a discerning watchdog, loyal with family, and an eager puppy socializer.  She is the respected leader in our household, the caretaker, and the most well-mannered Canaan Dog I know.  Jasmine listens to my every command, even if it means not chasing after a squirrel she's been stalking.  Jasmine is always eager to work for me.  The second time she was shown, Jasmine earned Winners Bitch at her very first Specialty. I have always been dazzled by her elegance, grace, and beauty.

Jasmine shares my love of the outdoors. She loves to travel and is the first one in the car.  She lives to explore the woods and forests that beckon her to wild adventure.  Jasmine is our scout on forest trails or camping trips. Racing and chasing are Jasmine's favorite activities.  There is more fire in her paws than any other dog can compare with.

     My Jasmine understands me like no one else and I cherish her most for being my faithful friend.

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