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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Third Quarter 2006

 JK Maccabee Northern Warrior, CKC-HT, CARO-RN, AKC–RN, CDCA-HCX


Michelle Harrington & Lawrence Myers


CKC CH Hadar Ha’Aretz Northern Snow


Riverview’s Kayla


Genevieve Landis

Birth Date:

24  April 2003

We wanted a loyal, healthy, versatile companion and that is exactly what we got when Master Macc entered our lives. Macc was our introduction to the breed and is the reason why we are involved in many activities.

He is our avid and compliant travel companion, whether it be a 12-hour car drive or a six-hour hiking trip into the Rocky Mountains with hail storms beating down our backs and grizzlies hidden in the mist. But most importantly, he is the dog who is on the invite list for the most dinner parties in the neighbourhood! When we are invited for dinner we always ask      “ what should we bring?” The answer is always “a bottle of Merlot and Macc!” He has mastered the fine art of etiquette on how a regal pariah pooch conducts oneself among dinner guests. If you were to ask him why he gets invited back he would probably say his trade secrets are “always looking alert and dignified no matter what trick they ask you to perform and my soft poetic eyes.”

Macc’s stock sense is one of his strongest attributes - gentle with the lambs, but at the same time he can put a ram in its place with just his presence - which is something you just can’t teach. He has a natural talent for herding and made Canadian history when he became the first Canaan Dog to earn a herding title at a CKC trial in 2005. He continues to teach us more about patience, dedication, and trusting one’s instincts than any other dog we have had.

He is a true “thinking dog” — complex, multi-layered, and constantly challenging us to keep up with his observations on life. His natural gentleness with small children and “little white” dogs — we think it’s the lamb thing — is also one of his most endearing traits. To us Macc is our Zen-Canaan, who we can always count on for a quiet sit-down-and- ponder-the-universe-with-incense session on the floor after the sun has set. We actually get the sense that he is channeling with the great dog deities of the past.

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