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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
First Quarter 2007

 HaTikva Cherrysh Dream of Ewe


Vicki Freedman and Alla Geretz


AKC CH CHF Ezra Taft Benson


AKC/UKC CH Cherrysh Mi Corazon Miracle, CDCA HC


Alla Geretz and Cheryl Hennings

Birth Date:

28 October 2004

Velvl is a great family member.  He is a constant friend and companion to my mother. He loves to play with his stuffed animals, and argues with the housekeeper when she attempts to make his, and my mother’s, bed.  He scrutinizes the handyman when he does any electrical work.

We recently moved to a beautiful home in downtown Minneapolis, where Velvl enjoys having become a true urban dog.   He shares his four story townhouse elevated over the Mississippi River with my mother.   He likes his courtyard that is a serene inner “outdoors”.  He likes riding in the elevators.  His ability to adapt to his environment is exceptional.

Velvl is fortunate to have close relatives nearby whom he visits frequently.  Libby, his sister, and Mira, his mom, love when he comes to visit. Alla Geretz, our breeder and co-owner, recently imported Simba from  Israel.   We think of Simba as Velvl’s half brother. 

Having raised a number of dogs over the years and showed them as well, my mother takes enormous joy in fawning over this guy.  Velvl is so good to everyone in our family, one can only say he deserves all the love and affection he receives daily.  A true member of our family, who will no doubt enhance the gene pool.

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