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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Second Quarter 2007

 AKC/UKC CH TK's Nassi Shiloh


Tracey Kopea


U-CD, AKC/UKC CH Kochav Ole me Shaar Hagai, CD


Pleasant Hill Tarah


Tracey Kopea

Birth Date:

29 March 2003

 I can truly say that Shiloh picked me as his Mistress. And I am very happy that he did! He is the firstborn of my first litter. As soon as he was walking, he began to follow me around the house…and he hasn’t stopped. The other five litter mates would be running, playing and tumbling over my husband, David. Shiloh would sit next to me and watch whatever I was doing, waiting patiently for me to stoop and hug him. I had no choice but to keep him…he decided for us!

He continues to follow me around the house and yard. He lays down behind me while I am cooking (I have become an acrobat with pots and pans). He lays against my feet when I am sitting in the family room, pushes open the door when I am in the bathroom (no privacy in my house!). He even curls up on the bed next to me (pushing the comforter “just so” and using David’s pillow). He is so well trained (he doesn’t use my pillow).

His favorite activity outside is chasing squirrels and his mother, Tarah. I enjoy watching his antics. He hides behind a 4” sapling (not very well). Wiggles his bottom in the air and dashes for his mom. She is never surprised. The squirrels just yell back at him from the safety of the trees. He even cornered a big white tom cat once. It was hissing with arched back and flattened ears. Tarah was in the house yelling at Shiloh to finish the intruder, and there was Shiloh…bottom in the air bounding back and forth inviting Mr. Cat to play!

His favorite activity in the house is ME. He lets me hug and kiss him every chance I get and STILL keeps following me around asking for more. He is the best Canaan dog, and he is mine (mmm...OK in truth, I am his).

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