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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Third Quarter 2008

 AKC/UKC CH Bless-Ed Be My Neshama


Michael Banister and Melvin Larsen


Ch Cherrysh The Vision of Ezekiel


Ch Jumpin’ Jazzmin Hazariza Me Shaar Hagai


Laura and Sydni Lashley

Birth Date:

18 August 2004

Neshama was our second Canaan Dog.  We could not have known how she would change our lives.  She finished her AKC and UKC Championships with Michael.  Together they won several Best of Breeds and she earned several invitations to the Eukanuba National Championships.  Neshama has also earned several awards during the ICDCA and CDCA National Specialties.

She is an amazing companion and Dam.  She is very loyal and affectionate with us and the entire Pack.  She prefers to be more independent, but yet she is very willing to perform when asked.  We look forward to continuing her performance training and attempting to earn these titles in the coming year.

She currently has two AKC / UKC Champion offspring.  Four more are already UKC Champions and three have earned most of their AKC Championship points.  Several of her offspring have earned invitations to the Eukanuba National Championships and have qualified for UKC’s Premier.

Thank you Laura and Sydni for entrusting her to us.

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