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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Fourth Quarter 2008

 Maya M'Beit Keshet


Bruce Henry


D & J Ha'aretz Maccabi


Keshet Me Shaar Hagai


Bruce Henry

Birth Date:

7 February 2004

Maya is the third and youngest of my pack of Canaan Dogs. She definitely is the one who chose me as I wasn’t sure which, if any of the five puppies I should keep from my litter. She was the smallest, and only red coated puppy in the litter and when I would enter the room to clean the area or feed the puppies, she would always come to me first, as if to thank me while the others ran directly to their food.

Skittish by nature, Maya was raised by her parents and appears to be the most natural of the three. She takes a while to warm up to strangers (unlike her mom and dad) and looks to her mom and dad for guidance. She is incredibly responsive and affectionate to me and, like the other two, responds well to both English and Hebrew.

Maya shows her feelings without holding back. When I bring her her food, she can’t help but jump up and down in excitement, running to her corner of the room anticipating her bowl. She thrives on attention and loves to get her tummy rubbed. I often give the dogs massage and Maya especially seems to really get into it. She lifts her head or back as if to say, please don’t stop!

The most cautious of the three, Maya prefers to stay around the house, even if her mom or dad temporarily manage to get away. She is incredibly well behaved and easy to take care of. Maya shares her father’s sense of right and wrong while she is filled with the same affection as her mom.

I grew up with dogs and can honestly say that having three Canaan Dogs has been the most incredible dog experience of my life. Very much alike, yet all three are incredibly different. I guess not a lot different than people.


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