ICDCA Canaan Dog of The Quarter

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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Third Quarter 2009

 U-CD Hatikva Cherrysh Taavi Dream RAE CDX CGC CDCA-HC


Risa Baumrind


CH CHF Ezra Taft Benson


CH Cherrysh Mi Corazon Miracle


Alla Geretz

Birth Date:

28 December 2004

Taavi is my first dog and it’s been so rewarding having him as a part of my life that I can only wonder why I didn’t decide to get a dog sooner.  Of course, he’s not any dog – he’s a Canaan Dog and seems to combine the best aspects of a dog and a cat.  He’s loyal and sturdy, and can go anywhere with me – but he’s also independent and whimsical and very clearly his own creature.  When I got him, my only ambition for him was to have a well behaved dog, and to get a CGC on him.  But I ended up training him for competitive obedience and rally, which has created a remarkable bond between us.  He’s also my watch dog, scaring off rabbits and tumbleweeds, and the occasional poor UPS man who doesn’t know him.  Little do they know that he’d much rather beg for treats (although he wouldn’t be caught dead *working* for them), and try to convince them to play.  His name, (in a number of different languages) means “In Hopes of Cherishing a Beloved Dream”, and he’s more than lived up to it.


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