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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Fourth Quarter 2009

 AKC CH Madriver Samara Desert Star Dawn, CGC, RE, CDCA-HCX, PN, V


Denise A. Gordon, Cynthia Grupp & Pamela Rosman


AKC CH Jealou's Ebony Max O'Madriver


AKC CH Mad River Belle Star Of Samara


Cynthia Grupp & Pamela Rosman

Birth Date:

24 June 2002

Small, but mighty describes "Smudge", the second Canaan to come live with me.  At the low end of the breed standard size, she nevertheless thinks that she is much grander and has an attitude to match.  She and my other adult Canaan bitch, "Rivi", became co-leaders of the Gordon pack upon the death of the previous leader, "Wolf". Her smaller size in the breed ring has caused her to be overlooked by judges, despite that she is very correct in type, and finishing her AKC Championship took quite some time (she has points and competition wins towards her UKC Championship). However, her forte is in performance. Like any typical Canaan, obedience is to be endured, though Rally is a bit more to her liking. She loves the agility A-frame where she can look down on owner and everyone else, and chasing sheep during herding is her second-best favorite activity. She has whelped one litter, producing the 2007 CDCA National Specialty winner, "Miles", a fantastic agility competitor, "Kisho", a finished Champion, "Angel", and a potential OTCH candidate, "Comet". Despite these accomplishments, Smudge still maintains her humble title of "Princess Stinkerbell" as she deftly destroys any box, paper or magazine left unattended at her muzzle-level when no one is looking.


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