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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Second Quarter 2010

Velikaya's Halom HaMidbar RAE2 CGC


Eileen Jaffe


Velikaya's MishMesh


Velikaya's Shaashua


Isabella Zirri

Birth Date:

28 May 2003

Ode to Oz

When you arrived at my home in Arizona, you were a completely terrified little bundle of cream and white.  Days went by as my tears fell, wondering if you would ever learn to trust me and feel any joy in your life.  But, slowly, slowly, you started to relax your little body and look to me for cues as to what your life was going to be.  Everyone who saw you wanted to hug you, but that honor was only given to me.  I followed many suggestions to try to give you the confidence to just walk down the street with me, and finally it all began to pay off.  As time went by I did what I do with all my dogs, I taught you basic behaviors and commands that you were very willing to do, but not always away from your safety zone and territory.  Then I taught you some Rally exercises which you picked up quite fast.  I wasn’t sure you would ever be able to actually enter a ring with me, but I finally decided to give it a try.  You were frightened at first, but still willing to stay close and do as I asked.  You gathered a cheering section at every trial—everyone saw how worried you were, yet how you still did everything I asked of you.  You worked during heat, during rain, and during strong winds as paper flew by in the air and tents made horrible noises.  When you became the first Canaan Dog to achieve the RAE title I was so proud that you trusted me enough to do that.  Although we slowed down, only showing occasionally, you managed to get your RAE2 with a number of perfect scores and first placements.  I always knew that you had a very big heart, and your willingness to overcome so much fear only made me love you all the more.  You have become the dog that I needed and wanted all along, my very own desert dream.


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