Canaan Dog of The Quarter

Part of the fun of going to Canaan Dog events is the chance to meet and learn about other Canaans. However, being a vastly geographically dispersed group, we are only able to meet a few times year. To supplement our "in-person" meetings we have decided to design a "virtual" meeting place where one can meet other Canaan Dogs without ever leaving the house.Each quarter on this page, we will be spotlighting a different club member's Canaan Dog. We will have pictures of the dog along with some text describing what makes this Canaan special to their owner. If you would like to see your Canaan right here in the upcoming months, here are the five easy steps you have to complete:

Step 1: Ensure that your ICDCA membership dues are current. If you are not an ICDCA member, don't despair. You can apply to become an member of the ICDCA family by printing off and mailing an application.

Step 2: Send us three or four photos or jpeg files of your Canaan Dog doing things that makes him or her special to you. Please make sure that the pictures are clear and show your dog close-up. There can be other animals and/or people in the picture but remember the main focus should be your Canaan. We reserve the right to crop the pictures to best show off your dog. Feel free to include a caption for each of the pictures. Some suggestions are: age of dog at the time the picture was taken, names of people and other animals in the picture, and/or a BRIEF description of what's happening in the picture. Please write your name on the back of each photo, being careful not to harm the photo. If you would like your photos returned to you, include a SAS envelope with your submission.

Step 3: Provide your Canaan's registered name, call name, sire and dam's registered names, breeder and birth date.

Step 4: Describe, in 150 words or less, what makes your Canaan Dog special to you.

Step 5: Provide an e-mail address where you can be reached in case we have any questions.

That's all there is to it. Simple! Send in your submission today. Be the first person on your block to have your Canaan showcased on the World Wide Web for millions to see. We will be showcasing the dogs on a first come basis, so don't be discouraged if it takes a couple of months for your dog to appear. This should prove to be a lot of fun and we are looking forward to seeing your dogs.

Send your submissions to:
Lee Boyd, 1614 Medford, Topeka, KS  66604
Electronic submissions are most welcome:

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