1997 Canaan Dog Happenings Archive

Hepzibah earns her CGC

Hepzibah of Four Gables earned her CGC at 10 months of age.  Proud owners are Joseph and Susan Simmons of Bermuda..  Hepsi was bred by Christine Franklin, also of Bermuda. 

Maple the Most Improved

Cheryl Flory reports that Maple received "The Most Improved Award" upon completion of her first obedience class in December.  The Florys and marvelous Maple live in Indiana.

Micah and Tobie earn additional agility titles

Ch. Micah Haviv me Kansas, TT, CGC and Keely's Girl Tobie, CGC earned their U-AGII (UKC Agility II) titles on December 6 & 7, 1997.  Micah also finished his AKC NA (Novice Agility) title on December 14, 1997.  He finished his NA with 2 perfect scores and 2 first places.   This dynamic duo is owned by Lee Boyd of Kansas.

Branson triumphs at the Bermuda shows

Anacan Cause to Celebrate (Branson) attained his Bermuda Championship in 4 straight shows!  In the process he was 4th in Herding Group three times, Group 2 once, and Best Puppy in Herding Group.   Branson was bred by Richard and Ellen Minto and is owned by Christine and David Franklin of Bermuda and handled by Christine.

Keesha appears in the "365 Days of Dogs" Calendar

Look for Bay Path's Summer Lass Keesha, CGC on  the 1998 "365 Days of Dogs" Calendar.  Keesha is owned by Kathy and Micahel Bogner of New Jersey, and Kathy took the winning photo of Keesha as a puppy.  Keesha appears on May 29, (the day after our 1998 Specialty!) and next to Keesha's photo is a nice write-up on the breed. 

Canaan Dog Project earns 4-H honors

Matthew Flory's Canaan Dog display board won the Champion Prize at the county 4-H fair.  It went on to win a first place ribbon and special merit award at the Indiana state 4-H fair.  The display was titled "Canaans: A Treasure from the Desert" and showed Canaan Dogs engaged in various activities with accompanying breed information.  Way to go Matthew!

Isabel completes multiple agility titles

U-CD Briel's Isabel P. Tiger Pooh, CD bred by Sandra Fournier and Ellen Minto, and owned, trained, and handled by Alan Gersman of Virginia, finished her AD, NAC, Open Jumpers, and Novice Gamblers titles.

Naomi adds an AKC Championship to her Breed Club title

Bay Path's Cherrysh My Delight (Naomi) bred by Sandy Fournier, owned by Jerry Hennings, and handled by Cheryl Hennings finished her AKC Championhip in November, 1997.   The Hennings and Naomi live in Iowa.

Holit  completes her CDX

U-CDX Holit Beit Dada earned her CDX on October 19, 1997.  Holit is an Israeli import, bred by David Yashkuner and owned, trained, and handled by Victor Kaftal in Ohio.

Micah and Tobie earn their CGC

In October 1997, U-AGI Ch. Micah Haviv me Kansas, TT and his sister, U-AGI Keely's Girl Tobie, passed the Canine Good Citizenship test.  Both were bred and are owned by Lee Boyd, Topeka, Kansas.

Topaz becomes the first AKC Champion

Cherrysh Gideon's Topaz, CGC finished her AKC Championship on August 24, 1997 less than 2 weeks after the breed was recognized by AKC, making her the first Canaan Dog to earn an AKC Championship.   She has more than 10 Best of Breeds and has defeated over 87 Canaan Dogs.  Topaz was bred by Jerry Hennings and Ellen Minto and is owned by Jerry and handled by Cheryl Hennings of Denver, Iowa.

Zetan earns his Puerto Rican Championship

Israeli import Zetan me Shaar Hagai earned his Puerto Rican Championship at the 1997 World Show in June.  Zetan was bred by Myrna Shiboleth, and is owned and exhibited by Terry Bagley of Alberta, Canada.

Holly won second place in the 1997 Monmouth County SPCA Shelter's Dog and Cat calendar contest

Briel's Rose of Sharon (Holly) won second place in the 1997 Monmouth County (NJ) SPCA Shelter's Dog and Cat calendar contest. Holly's picture is featured for the month August. Her picture was first selected as one of the 12 finalists. Next the 12 finalists pictures were hung in the Monmouth County Mall where shoppers voted for their favorite dog; a quarter a vote. The picture of Holly floating in a chair in a pool, wearing sunglasses and sporting a big grin on her face collected the second largest amount of money (i.e. votes). Proceeds from the sale of the calendar also go to help care for the animals at the shelter. 
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