Church of S.Gavino:
"Our Lady with purifying souls"

It was one of the sixteen farmhouses of Nola, to which it was subject not only in the civic law, but also in that cleric up to the XVII century, when acquired own autonomy. The tradition does go up the origin of Camposano to the time of the second Punic war, when Annibal was defeated by the console Claudio Marcello.
The genesi of the name is controversial: to some opinions it arises from Campus Jani, for the probable presence of a sanctuary devoted to the Giano god, the others - attribute the origin of the name to the healthiness of the place.
A moment of economic and cultural prosperity is marked by the construction of parish church dedicated to S.Gavino and by the realization of the principal street. Itís to remember, also, the small church called S.Donato, in the nearby of the place where the ancient Clanio flowed, and the Scotti Palace in baroque style.