Pizza Margherita


For the pasta For the condiment
(from "Neapolitan cooking" by M.G. Fasulo Rak)

You mix the flour with a good pinch of salt and with the brewer’s yeast in a quarter of lukewarm water, adding gradually other lukewarm water to obtain a soft and elastic pasta that stands out easily from the surface.
You sprinkle it with flour, set it in an able bowl, you cover it with a cloth and leave it for two hours to rise, until when it have doubled of volume.
You can then to stretch it in one or more greasy baking-tins and sauce it with the tomato’s pulp chopped and dripped, with the oil and with the salt.
Then to put in the oven for approx. 20 minutes. Five minutes before the end of the cooking to sprinkle the surface with slices of mozzarella and abundant basil.
In the white Margherita will be eliminated the tomato and will be added a spoon of Parmigiano cheese.