Church of S.Giacomo Apostle: Deceased Christ
(photo by D.Allocca)

The most ancient citation of Saviano (the "cartula pastinations" of the 1109) speaks about a "locus qui nominatur Sabiana", but probably the site was inhabited already before the Roman epoch. Very interesting is the architecture of the bell tower of the Church of S.Giacomo Apostle, formed by limestone blocks, liable material of bare of Roman age. The official date of birth of the City State is 11 August of 1867, when three farmhouses, Sirico, Sant'Erasmo and Saviano, situated in a place rich of country traditions, were fused. In Saviano was born Antonio Ciccone (1808- 1903), politician, economist and writer of the first period of United Italy. Saviano being very near to Nola pratically was living the same conditions till Town Council constitution.